Why Groom your Dog?

  • A healthy coat removes parasites, dirt and debris


  • Regular grooming promotes new growth and oils in the coat to aid appearance and circulation.


  • It reduces risk of skin complaints


  • Allows the groomer to do a health check


  • Prevents the coat from becoming matted, causing discomfort to the dog. matting hides wounds, skin and parasite infections.


  • If your dog is prone to hot spots, fungal conditions or unusually smelly.
All breeds and temperament are catered for, keeping your friend well groomed and clean is essential. As well as considering the style normally associated with your dogs breed, its important that you like the look of your canine cut.
My service includes taking the time to discuss from the onset the owners needs and expectations. I aim to please as best I can, as long as the groom/trim has your friends best interests at heart.
I strive to create an environment where the dogs can relax so that their grooming experience is enjoyable, not stressful.