The Grooming Service

Mini Groom
Bath and dry
Nail clipping
"The Full Works" groom
Brush and de-matt
Nail Clipping
Ear/eye care
Bath and dry
De-Matting/Comb out
De-matting is time consuming and is an extra charge not included in the routine grooming. If your dog is heavily matted it may be kinder for the dog to shave/clip off all the coat and start again. I do not take de-matting lightly and would always think of the dog first in these circumstances.
Some breeds actually have what is known as a "double coat" so with your dog shedding its coat, you have a couple of options - you could either wait for it to drop out naturally or you could get somebody to comb it out for you.
Regular sessions with Happy Tails will help you to keep on top of this and can reduce the amount of hair around your home.
 Styling using clippers or scissors, whatever your breed we are happy to accommodate your dogs individual needs, we aim to provide you with a trim that suits your lifestyle and provides your dog with a comfortable cut.
Nail Clipping Only
Nail clipping is included in your full and mini groom, but I also cut them individually.
Part of looking after your dogs well being and health you need to consider occasional nail clipping. Nails will generally wear down with regular walking on hard surfaces. However sometimes they don't wear naturally for different reasons. Nails should be kept to a reasonable length, especially the dew claw, as if this claw is left it could curl and grow back on itself. If left uncut it could grow into the pad.
Hand Stripping
Hand stripping involves pulling out the dead outer hair of wired haired or "rough coated" breeds by hand, rather than cutting hair with clippers. This allows a new "harsh" wire coat to grow in.
Hand stripping is not painful when done properly. Wire hair is not attached like our own, each individual hair has a hard wire point, then is semi hollow down the undercoat level. It is very soft at the base and only lightly anchored in the follicle, which is why they pull out easily.
If clipped the soft base stays in the follicle so a new wire tipped hair does not grow. The soft bottom will continue to grow awhile. If the dog is continually cut, the coat stays super soft as the soft downy coat and the soft base of the wire hair from the old top coat is all that is seen.
By clipping the hair the natural dark colours will change and fade out. 
Puppy Grooming
When buying a puppy , no matter what breed. It is best if you get them used to grooming as early as possible. Part of training the puppy involves socialisation skills and dealing with different and sometimes noisy situations. The earlier they are exposed to dog groomers the better. Here at Happy Tails we will be more than happy to introduce your puppy very gently to a wash and dry.